Piddle Place Review

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Piddle Place Review

Our Top Rated Pet Relief System  

Our team of vets and breeders have reviewed a number of pet relief systems on the market and Piddle Place is by far the best pet relief system we have ever seen.  From ease of set up to affordable maintenance, this system will transform you and your pets day to day life, providing a higher quality of life for both you and your loved one.

Piddle Place Pricing

We found the average cost of the Piddle Place $85.00 – $99.95 available in one size only, but the most cost effective product in this review.  Click here to go Buy Piddle Place

Piddle Place Quality

The Piddle Place construction was well thought out and designed for function and ease of use.  The blow molded base unit came with a cover, porous turf, and sample maintenance products. The system is very sturdy but light weight and charming.  Many of our reviewers traveled with their pets and loved how simply the Piddle Place fit into the trunk of their car.

Piddle Place Set up

Setting up this pet relief system was obvious and simple.  To setup, you open a packet of the Bio+ Concentrate, (sample included) mix with a cup of water, and pour it into the bottom chamber.  This kept the unit fresh and clean for a week.  Training videos were readily available on-line from multiple sources.  We found the training from breeders to be the most helpful.

Piddle Place Appearance

Reviewers loved the appearance of this housebreaking system..  The clever design and protective guards complimented the look of their home.   A reviewer in the UK told us she squealed with delight when she saw the Piddle Place in her small apartment.

Piddle Place Ease of Use

The Piddle Place was obviously designed by a nurse that understood the importance of keeping pet waste isolated away from you and your pet.  To use, simply mix the bio+ concentrate and pour it into the bottom isolated chamber.  Replace the turf and the system is ready to go.  Once or twice a day reviewers were asked to spray the turf with Bio+ treatment to keep the unit clean and odor free.  Reviews all commented on the fact that their was not foul odor with the Piddle Place.

Piddle Place Cleaning

Cleaning placed the Piddle Place so far ahead of any other product, that reviewers actually wrote in extra positive stars above our 5 star options.  Solid waste always sat high on top of the porous turf and could easily be removed.  The daily spraying of the Deo Essence totally neutralized all odor, even for cats.  To empty the unit, simply replace the cover, carry it flat to a toilet or waste area, and open the drain valve.  Reviews loved the fact that there was no contact with pet waste, and the pleasant smell of lemongrass eucalyptus was pleasing to both pets and the reviewers.

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We are home together

Nov 23, 2015 by terry od

I am Terry, I moved to assisted living last year when I broke my hip. I really can't walk my 15 year old Maltese any more for thinking he would pull me down. I noticed several other residents here also had small dogs. I asked how they cared for them, and they showed me the Piddle Place. This is a fantastic product that many of our residents here have. Our apartments are big, so my dog has room to run and play, but he also has a place to go potty, and every few days, the staff here empties this for me. It had no odor while its here, and once a day I just spray the top. What a great product for people like me. thank you


Nov 18, 2015 by angie dixon

I bought the Piddle Place for Maxie, my cat. It is fantastic. So much nicer then her old litterbox, since there is no litter and every drains right through, there is no odor. What a great product. I think you should tell more people about replacing their cat litter box with this!


Aug 02, 2015 by Delwyn

I'm about to get a puppy and have bought this product with great anticipation. I am thrilled with the set up and can't wait to start using it. The only problem is I've now noticed I can't buy the bio-concentrate packets without going through America and costing me a fortune. I have some that came with it to start. Can you tell me of any options available please!!

Response: Thank you. The distributor in Australia is Pet Pacific The contact we have there is Kim That should save a bundle of money. Let us know.

piddle place

Mar 27, 2015 by Eric

I have a 19 month old Yorkie and I'm having some issues with her using the piddle place. My (baby) yorkie is potty trained and she uses it outside but I have to move to a new location and there is no place around for me to take her outside in walking distance of the new high rise. She constantly makes mistakes so will you please help me "retrain my baby". Thank you so much, I look forward to receiving an email from you in the near future. Eric

Response: Greetings. we sent you an email on training, but have not heard back from you. Please, how did training go with your Yorkie? We all would love to hear what worked for you and your furry friend

1..... not even one star on this :(

Feb 10, 2015 by Patricia

I was very excited about this product. I rescued a 6 yr old Chi, age 6.
At the time I rescued him I had a yard, which he used.
I moved to an apt 1 yr later. He just couldn't get used to such a small area.
This product may? have worked if it was much bigger. A dog needs to walk around a little.
I think it would be good for your new puppy, but not for older and larger dogs.
Unfortunately, I wasted over $100.00.
Now I'm looking for something larger. I've read several online reviews about
artificial turf. The one woman had a much larger box, and switched to turf, because of the order, even though she contanly cleaned it.
Now she spend 80.00/mo for turf. It has to be changed every 2 weeks, even though the seller recommended once a month. After the 2 week period, her dog
wouldn't use the turf due to Oder. Other people have used litter box substance,
which her dogs liked better than artficial turf.
I'm still reseaching options in hopes of finding a better solution.
PS I followed all traing instructions, with no results.
My dog has been obiendence trained, so I know he wants to please me.
Good luck in your search.
Unless you have a new untrained puppy, I wouldn't recommend this product.
The company was very good about answering my questions, and would have
refunded my money, if I hadn't waited so long to return.
Wish they had a bigger box, I'd try it.

Response: Thank you for this. I see you are posting on Piddle Place review and discussing many other options here, but I\'ll assume you purchased a Piddle Place The Piddle Place unit is 19 x 30, so should be large enough for your little Chi. The PetLoo comes in a small size, but the small size if probably to high for your dog.

Training an older dog always takes effort. As we learn for working at shelters, it\'s all about finding a way to communicate with your dog. Always for an outdoor dog, you need to first teach the phrase \"go potty\" and then create an indoor confined area for training.

To keep your Chi from walking off the Piddle Place, insert the protective guard that comes with the unit in place. This will cover two sides and keep the dog on the unit. If needed, place two small plants on the other side, and leave the front. Your dog can now turn in circles in the 20 x 30 space, and that certainly is enough for your Chi. These puppy toilets are designed to be environmentally friendly, and replace puppy pads and disposable turf. I recommend you use the Piddle Place spray with any of these units, since it is the only one that contains a DeoEssence to permanently remove odor. The others only have the Bio-Enzyme, so the odor will return. You may want to suggest this to your friend that is spending $80 a month on grass...ouch!

Before you give up, please try this. Work with your dog, find a way to communicate. Your dog wants to please you.

Please let us know what happens.


Jan 13, 2015 by Christina

I want to say thank you for this amazing product!!! I and Henry (my fur baby) LOVE IT!

Jackson loves the piddle place

Jan 10, 2015 by Emma Jackson

My puppy, Jackson took to this the first day. We were using puppy pads, and they were a terrible mess. So simple to clean, I love the valve drain system. Great product and great customer service. Thank you for the recommendation and review. Would you like a photo of Jackson?

Piddle Place Review

Jul 15, 2014 by Vicky

I just wanted to send a thank you for such a great product. We recently downsized and moved into a high-rise condo. A big concern was going up and down the elevator with our papillon. Initially we purchased a porch potty from a pet store. It was nauseating to clean. I did some online research and found your product. We purchased it a few months ago with the auto shipment of enzymes. I am so amazed at the difference in ease of cleaning and how well the enzymes control the odors. Our condo has "approved" products for use on our balconies. Yours was not listed, so I sent a letter to the board requesting that it be added. I also wanted a way to share information on such a great product with the other dog owners in the building. I am truly grateful for such a wonderful product. Dusty, (our pooch) took to it immediately even though he had a backyard his entire life. It makes our lives so much easier and our planned walks outside with Dusty so much more enjoyable. Once again, Thank you for providing a product that truly lives up to its description! We are extremely pleased customers!! Sincerely, Vicki

Love my Piddle Place

Jan 29, 2014 by Cuddles

I found the Piddle Place on my Havanese Forum, and knew it was the best. This has certainly changed my life! When I am at work, Cuddles no longer has to stay in a crate.

Amazing product

Jan 24, 2014 by David Carlson

This is my third month of freedom for my dog. I bought a Piddle Place and love it. Now when I am going away for the evening, my dog has a comfortable place to "go" as well.

Puppy Litter Box Reviews 888-999-7777 , USA 4.6 5.0 17 17 I am Terry, I moved to assisted living last year when I broke my hip. I really can't walk my 15 year old Maltese any more for thinking he would pull me down. I noticed several oth


  1. John Beimer says:

    We are delighted with our Piddle Place. As you promised, sanitary and odor free. Thank you for the reviews here.

  2. Kevin Marshal says:

    The idea of an indoor dog toilet did not sit well with me…until the fifth time I was late from work, and Earl relieved himself on the kitchen rug. The piddle place has made both our lives much better. Thank you Frank

  3. Cindy Z says:

    Where do I learn more about training my dog. She is 12 years old, and can’t hold her bladder for very long these days

    • admin says:

      Cindy, search through our pages, we have great feedback from people on training. Every dog learns different, but they all want to please us. It does take working with an older dog, I will make sure I include another page on training.