Piddle Place Review

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Piddle Place Review

Our Top Rated Pet Relief System  

Our team of vets and breeders have reviewed a number of pet relief systems on the market and Piddle Place is by far the best pet relief system we have ever seen.  From ease of set up to affordable maintenance, this system will transform you and your pets day to day life, providing a higher quality of life for both you and your loved one.

Piddle Place Pricing

We found the average cost of the Piddle Place $85.00 – $99.95 available in one size only, but the most cost effective product in this review.  Click here to go Buy Piddle Place

Piddle Place Quality

The Piddle Place construction was well thought out and designed for function and ease of use.  The blow molded base unit came with a cover, porous turf, and sample maintenance products. The system is very sturdy but light weight and charming.  Many of our reviewers traveled with their pets and loved how simply the Piddle Place fit into the trunk of their car.

Piddle Place Set up

Setting up this pet relief system was obvious and simple.  To setup, you open a packet of the Bio+ Concentrate, (sample included) mix with a cup of water, and pour it into the bottom chamber.  This kept the unit fresh and clean for a week.  Training videos were readily available on-line from multiple sources.  We found the training from breeders to be the most helpful.

Piddle Place Appearance

Reviewers loved the appearance of this housebreaking system..  The clever design and protective guards complimented the look of their home.   A reviewer in the UK told us she squealed with delight when she saw the Piddle Place in her small apartment.

Piddle Place Ease of Use

The Piddle Place was obviously designed by a nurse that understood the importance of keeping pet waste isolated away from you and your pet.  To use, simply mix the bio+ concentrate and pour it into the bottom isolated chamber.  Replace the turf and the system is ready to go.  Once or twice a day reviewers were asked to spray the turf with Bio+ treatment to keep the unit clean and odor free.  Reviews all commented on the fact that their was not foul odor with the Piddle Place.

Piddle Place Cleaning

Cleaning placed the Piddle Place so far ahead of any other product, that reviewers actually wrote in extra positive stars above our 5 star options.  Solid waste always sat high on top of the porous turf and could easily be removed.  The daily spraying of the Deo Essence totally neutralized all odor, even for cats.  To empty the unit, simply replace the cover, carry it flat to a toilet or waste area, and open the drain valve.  Reviews loved the fact that there was no contact with pet waste, and the pleasant smell of lemongrass eucalyptus was pleasing to both pets and the reviewers.

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