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Welcome to our puppy litter box indoor dog toilet pet product review. I am Frank Martin, a dog lover and trainer for 30 years.

Having lived in New York City for many years, I had the pleasure of training thousands of dogs (and their owners) to live happy healthy lives. I found housebreaking to be the number one training request from pet owners, and a source of stress, discomfort and embarrassment for their pets.

As I volunteered at various animal shelters, I noticed the number one reason people bring their dogs and cats to us or abandon them was due to housebreaking issues. Every year millions of dogs and cats are put to their death because the owner was not able to find a suitable situation that supported the needs of their pet to eliminate as nature intended. Until now, the only option these pet owners had was messy puppy pads that end up in our landfills or expensive dog walkers. Finally puppy litter box and indoor dog toilets are becoming a main stream item in your homes.  Consider a puppy litter box for your furry friend.

After working through these issues for 30 years, I made it my goal to educate my clients about products such as reviewed in this website so that pet and owner might co-exist and find the unconditional love, comfort and friendship only a cold wet nose can bring.

Please Reference My Comparison Chart.

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Name & Image
Quality of Product
Cleaning Appearance Ease of Use
piddle placePiddle Place 5 5 5 5
 porch pottyPorch Potty 3 2 3 3
 puppy padsPuppy Pads  1 1 1 1
 potty parkPotty Park 3 3 3 3
 pet looPet Loo 3 3 3 3

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piddle place

Nov 23, 2015 by tom brady

Love this product. I've already told many of my friends and associates. I work in the city, and this is perfect when I am gone

pet loo doo doo

Nov 22, 2015 by David Chalmers

I bought the pet loo for my Chihuahua, what a mess that thing was. First, CheChee was to short to jump up on it, so he decided to pee on the side. The thing smelled awful, and my girlfriend kept moving it outside. I went to Petco to complain, and they sold me a Piddle Place instead. I wish I would have seen your article, this product in nothing like the other one. Chechee started using it right away, the spray that comes with it took away all odor, and my girlfriend, the neat freak, washed the turf in the washing machine. Wish I saw this first. Thanks

puppy pads reveiwed?

Nov 21, 2015 by fred cauldwell

a review of puppy pads? Really. I thank you for pointing out the obvious, and I guess people still use these things. They are not bio-degradable, they wind up in land fills, and expensive, and they are disgusting. otherwise, perfect. LOL buy your pet a really potty.

Piddle Place

Nov 12, 2015 by Nina Hodges

Thank you for this review site. I was using puppy pads, and they were expensive. I had to use about 4-5 a day. I bought the Piddle Place at Petco last week, and I cant' believe what a well thought out product this is. My house is clean, and no smell. I love the valve drain, and it fits in the trunk of my car for when we travel next week to visit my mother in Florida. WONDERFUL


Sep 23, 2015 by Jesup Franklin

Great design and thought in this one. Both my dog and the cat are now using the Piddle Place. Great product

piddle place

Sep 21, 2015 by tom brady

Love this product. I've already told many of my friends and associates. I work in the city, and this is perfect when I am gone

won't use the potty tray

Feb 25, 2015 by Alice

I have a five year old chihuahuas female. She will not use the piddle potty tray. It did not come with no spray. Is that why it not attracted to her. I am tied of the training pads. Please help me. I love my baby. She will hold herself if I leave her in her kennel, but I work six hours a days and feel as if that's too long.Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Response: I so agree, and thank you for reaching out to me. I don\'t know which Piddle Potty you purchased (this name you state is a combo of a few products but not a specific one). But regardless, this is what you will need to try. I have pet owners that purchase the de-natured dog urine in stores, but this is really a waste of your money. To get a dog excited, use the real thing.

Step 1. Older dogs need to learn the phrase \"go potty\" Find a way to communicate this with your pet. When you are walking your dog, and the dog is in the middle of going to the bathroom, immediately say \"go potty\" and give her a treat. After a few days, most dogs will learn what is expected.

Step 2. I see you have a crate, so purchase a little folding baby fence / gate area around the crate door. These can be purchased for about $25 at many stores, and you won\'t need to use it very long so you can pass it on to a friend. Unfold the fence to a shape that fits your area, they open to about 6 foot round, and attach it with ties to the crate.

Step 3. In this play area you just created, place your indoor dog potty, some dog chew toys, fresh water, and make it a happy place for your Chihuahua.

Step 4. When you walk your dog, soak up some urine with a paper towel and place it in a zip lock bag. I f you are really determined, go to a doggy day care center and acquire the scent of another dog. Sorry, but this really works the best! Poke a few pin holes in the bag and place it under the grass of the dog toilet. For retraining an older dog, it always help to create an outside feel to things. Place some dried leaves on the toilet as well, some clients tell me they place potted plants around the toilet so the dog feels they are \"going\" in the bushes.

Step 5. Open the crate door, call your dog over to the indoor potty and say go potty! Make sure you are holding a treat. Praise any attempts. Some dogs don\'t like to be watched, but your dog should understand that is expected. If your dog does not go potty in front of you, leave the crate door open to this area, and check under the potty turf to see if you had any results. Most dogs will urinate and poop on the same potty.

Step 6.
You should now leave the crate door open whenever you are away, but only to this play area. If you want to allow your
Chi more freedom, once trained, unhook one side of the fence to your open room. Most dogs will find their way back to this comfortable area on their own. Chihuahuas are smart, and I know your dog wants to please you. It\'s all about finding a way to communicate.

Please let us know what happens.

The best purchase ever

Jan 02, 2015 by Kevin OMalley

I read your reviews, and actually called all of these companies. The Piddle Place was the only company that took the time to explain how the system worked, how to best train my dog, and even called me back after the purchase to make sure my dog was trained (he is a 9 year old Yorkie) The system is ready to use right out of the carton, and I only have to clean it once a week. It is in my laundry room, and has no odor! I use the spray that came with the unit, and my wife says the laundry room never smelled so nice. Thank you Frank!

Thank you!

Aug 27, 2014 by Debbi Smart

I had not even considered an indoor dog toilet before I found this website. I have an elderly dog that was ashamed to tinkle on the floor in between walks. I didn't know what to do, my husband wanted to get rid of him. I bought a piddle place and, while it took about 10 days of training, he now uses it every day when we are not home, and no more messes in the house. I love the smell of the enzymes as well. The whole house smells nice.

Piddle Place

Jul 15, 2014 by Vicky

I just wanted to send a thank you for such a great product. We recently downsized and moved into a high-rise condo. A big concern was going up and down the elevator with our papillon. Initially we purchased a porch potty from a pet store. It was nauseating to clean. I did some online research and found your product. We purchased it a few months ago with the auto shipment of enzymes. I am so amazed at the difference in ease of cleaning and how well the enzymes control the odors. Our condo has "approved" products for use on our balconies. Yours was not listed, so I sent a letter to the board requesting that it be added. I also wanted a way to share information on such a great product with the other dog owners in the building. I am truly grateful for such a wonderful product. Dusty, (our pooch) took to it immediately even though he had a backyard his entire life. It makes our lives so much easier and our planned walks outside with Dusty so much more enjoyable. Once again, Thank you for providing a product that truly lives up to its description! We are extremely pleased customers!! Sincerely, Vicki

Puppy Litter Box Reviews 888-999-7777 , USA 4.3 5.0 11 11 Love this product. I've already told many of my friends and associates. I work in the city, and this is perfect when I am gone


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