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Is A Puppy Litter Box For You?

Welcome to our puppy litter box indoor dog toilet pet product review. I am Frank Martin, a dog lover and trainer for 30 years.

Having lived in New York City for many years, I had the pleasure of training thousands of dogs (and their owners) to live happy healthy lives. I found housebreaking to be the number one training request from pet owners, and a source of stress, discomfort and embarrassment for their pets.

As I volunteered at various animal shelters, I noticed the number one reason people bring their dogs and cats to us or abandon them was due to housebreaking issues. Every year millions of dogs and cats are put to their death because the owner was not able to find a suitable situation that supported the needs of their pet to eliminate as nature intended. Until now, the only option these pet owners had was messy puppy pads that end up in our landfills or expensive dog walkers. Finally puppy litter box and indoor dog toilets are becoming a main stream item in your homes.  Consider a puppy litter box for your furry friend.

After working through these issues for 30 years, I made it my goal to educate my clients about products such as reviewed in this website so that pet and owner might co-exist and find the unconditional love, comfort and friendship only a cold wet nose can bring.

Please Reference My Comparison Chart.

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Name & Image
Quality of Product
Cleaning Appearance Ease of Use
piddle placePiddle Place 5 5 5 5
 porch pottyPorch Potty 3 2 3 3
 puppy padsPuppy Pads  1 1 1 1
 potty parkPotty Park 3 3 3 3
 pet looPet Loo 3 3 3 3